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My No-Phone Day

My No-Phone Day

February 6, 2024

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Last Sunday, I took the day off my phone.  And I was going through withdrawals 😬 

Many people on LinkedIn suggest a phone-free day, to unplug.  Some say do it once per month, some once per week. 

All with the goal: less digital, more real, more life. 

I decided Sunday, my family day, was the place to start. 

Here’s what happened:

The Pre-Work

I prepped: 

Saturday night, I got everything ready.  I went through my reminders, checking for anything important on Sunday. 

Then, I put it away: 

I have a handy little cardboard box in my front entry where my phone lives.  It’s warm and has plenty of sunlight & fresh air = the perfect environment for my phone to thrive, free & in the wild.


Then, Sunday dawned… 

Throughout the day, I felt an almost compulsive need to go pick up my phone.  This proved to me I AM addicted to the thing. 

So, I resisted. 

I wanted to check if anyone messaged me.  Maybe my dad FaceTimed wanting to talk to his granddaughters. 

Nope, resist. 

I wanted to look something up in my downtime.  To keep learning so I can “make progress” & “get ahead”. 

Nope, resist.

The Result?

It was incredible. 

I found… peace. 

Letting go of the need to be plugged in, to be connected, I gave myself the space to BE. 


To breathe. 

To relax into my own skin. 

To be truly present to the moment.   


Nobody died. 

No countries ceased to exist. 

And I survived to live another day.

Some Necessary Changes

Needless to say, I’m now making some changes. 

I’m spending way less time scrolling social media.  I moved Instagram (my personal favorite) & Facebook off my home screen, so I have to be more intentional if I’m tempted to use them.  I told my wife I won’t be on Insta as much, so I’ll be longer to respond to reels she sends. 

One day is proving to be life-changing.  I’m thinking I may delete social media entirely (except for LinkedIn, which I use for work). 

Turns out, I like being free.


Do you have a “phone home”?  A set place out of the way for your phone to stay so you can be present to life? 

If not, I encourage you to find yourself a little cardboard box, get it all cozy-like, and tuck your phone in for a day.  Resist the withdrawals, the compulsive need to grab the thing, and give yourself a day. 

I think you’ll like the freedom.

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Know men in your life (fathers, husbands, brothers, friends, uncles, etc.)

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Send them this link to sign up! 

We need more MEN.

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